The Brick Walk at Camp

You Can Immortalize Your Name or a Friend’s.

Help the Alumni Association to raise funds for an upgraded Health Center.

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Over the years, in the heat of the summer, The College Settlement and Kuhn Day Camps have employed people from a wealth of backgrounds, cultures and places.

Until now, the names and stories of many of these people have only been collected in the footprints they left behind. Eventually, these footprints weather away. But now, we can embed these names more permanently in a walkway that immortalizes our memories. We’ve established a walkway to remember and memorialize the names and celebrate the stories of those who have given of themselves, for one summer or many years, to The College Settlement and Kuhn Day Camps.

On September 23, 2005, during the CSC and KDC Reunion weekend, The College Settlement and Kuhn Day Camps Alumni Association dedicated “The Alumni Walk” in honor and/or in memory of those staff members who have given of themselves to the camps. The walkway spans the distance from the residential camp’s play court to Davies Hall (the dining hall). Consisting of approximately 1400 bricks, each to be inscribed with the name of a contributor who has served the camp, and anyone else interested in helping us improve the camp.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Horsham Rotary, a majority of all funds received from this project will be returned to the camp through the Alumni Association — resulting not only in a useful walkway, but also a growing fund to eventually help camp to upgrade the Health Center.

Help camp by purchasing a permanent display of your commitment to our cause. Remember, besides putting your own name on the walk, it’s also a great way to remember a friend you met here.

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Got Brick?

We’ve sold 140 bricks to date (as of October 1, 2009).
Who’s bought a brick in the Alumni Walk so far? Click to see the list!

Howard R. Bazar
Bea Knoll
Barbara & David Hinton
Laura Bracken
Elaine Turnerv Noel Turner
Bob Wilkey
Jean Francovilla
J. Hackenyos
Dr. Rudolf M. Klein
Joseph Colantuono
Tom Marotta
Robert C Brooke
June S. Hallowell
Charlotte J Perry
Jill E. Walkowiak
Helen A Colt
Steve Dawson
Margaret Hauptman
John & Linda Waggoner
Laura Waggoner
Julia Waggoner Santini
Rich & Steph Barbour
Mary Lou Labows
Chris Labows
Karyn McGee
The Fergusons
Barbara Lewis
Collin G. Dixon
Jackie Fox
R Lee Milroy
Colibraro Landscaping & Nursery, Inc.
Tim Urbansky
Sue Naidoff Holliday
Randy Burnham
Jim Burnham
Barbara & Doug Prendergast
Jon Clark
David J. Hayden
Marshall & Gigi Sturm
Hans Sumpf
Larry McGeehan
Lynwood Matthews
Kevin Peebles
Anne Ferrari
Joe Ferrari
George & Pat Messmore
Dianne Carson / Springfield Middle School
Ed Hein
ADM-Louis Clewell
Ramon & Elaine Garfinkle
Douglas Wendell
Kathleen Cohen
Elaine (Farrant) Miller
Hank & Barbara Becker
David & Rhonda Shaffer
Marie Hubbs
Cindy Unangst
Milton “Mickey” Oates
Mike Spangler
Ann Repplier
UMAMS- Dave DeRosa
John Benson
Lisa Lindquist
CSC Staff
The Alumni Committee
David Brill
Jean Viscounte-Simmons Elementary
Lou & Penny Clewell
M. Benson
Harold “Don” McVey
Evan & Carol Ferguson
Helen Haskell
Zelda Pleat
Bob Belle
Dolly Maginn
Aaron Duncanson
Betty Shepherd
John Benson
Mark Kutcher
Katie Baron
Jean Greiner
George Shafer
Mike Spangler
Karl Lewis
Dave Argall
Nick Pelis
Ken & Jennifer Voorhis
Jeffrey Jordan-Pickett
Lisa Johnson
Jesus Beltran
Joe Karwell
Anna Pemberton
Joel Wilson
Anna Vassilouk
Linda Herring-Hill
Diana Duell
Shane Morphew
Antoine Turay
Norris Eldridge
Ralph McDevitt
Stacey Figueroa
Karyn McGee
Penny Clewell
Tom Erickson & Mike Weiss
Marjorie Byers
The Board of Trustees-CSC for Lucille Mace
Penny Mimmo
Camp FT Staff for Penny/Larry’s grandmother
Mike Weiss
Frank Gerome for Dr. Battina Herbert
The Weinrich Family
Randy Burnham
Carolyn Carey
John & Tricia Tilley
David & Joann McPhillips
Dave Hayden
Mike Spangler for Davina Griffin
Mike Spangler for Roger Halson
Mike Spangler for Pete Marshall
Mike Spangler for Pete Bainbridge
Michell & Stephen Serota
Ernest Howells
Terry Sofianos
Jeanne and Russ Bruno
Arrowhead Elementary