Our Fall Appeal

An unconventional school experience… and new friendships despite “distancing.”

New best friends, Nevaeha and Lilly met this school year at College Settlement’s Academic Engagement Camp.

Our goals for the Academic Engagement Camp were straightforward:

  • to serve the community during these challenging times;
  • to provide a safe environment for students to learn with their peers through virtual platforms;
  • to allow parents an opportunity to return to work knowing their child is focusing on schoolwork; and
  • to utilize our open-air space to allow children an opportunity to interact safely and provide much-needed social and emotional skills and a connection to our natural world.

to help make these and many other great experiences continue to happen for our area’s kids!

Our Academic Engagement Camp “came to the rescue…”

Nevaeha’s mother says:

“This program was a great help to me financially, not only with the scholarships — with the schools going virtual, I feel like it gave her a school-like setting rather than sitting at home in her room all day. Since she has been in the program, she’s been exposed to the outdoors and nature, which is a good thing that she loves. And that the staff has been so welcoming and helpful.”

Lilly’s mom says:

“ College settlement camp has been such a blessing to our daughter Lilly and our family! As essential healthcare workers — and given the situation with Covid 19 — my husband and I were extremely worried about what to do with our daughter at the start of this school year. With only 2 weeks before the start of the school year, we learned that all learning would be held virtually. At that time we looked at a couple different programs also offering virtual learning support, but nothing felt just right to us or to Lilly.

When we learned that College Settlement would be hosting a program, we decided to drive past the camp to see what it was like. From the moment we drove onto the camp property, both Lilly and I felt at ease and knew this would be a great place to be! The counselors assisted Lilly each day with her school work and made sure that all her online assignments were complete. They also made sure she had lots of fun and also learned many things that she would not have learned in “regular school,” like how to pick a sweet potato, how to pick up and hold a live chicken, and how to enjoy nature and all that it has to offer!

It truly has brought a little bit of normalcy into this ever-changing time we are currently living in.”