Nancy Crissman, neighbor to Spruce Run and decades-long friend to the camps

Spruce Run Outpost is our several-hundred-acre property in the Pocono Mountains. It is a vast wilderness camping area that offers unique learning experiences not possible at our Horsham property.

Children enrolled in our Teen Adventure program go on a four-day and three-night excursion to Spruce Run, our wilderness camping outpost located in the Pocono Mountains north of Bloomsburg, PA. This fascinating trip exposes children to hiking and camping in the woods, more advanced learning about wildlife and plants, expanded team-building skills, outdoor cooking skills and much more.

Surrounding Spruce Run Outpost on three sides are thousands of acres of state game lands. Perhaps the time of day when you are most aware of how very far you are from the city is at night. The starry sky is a black expanse lit up with stars you just can’t see anywhere near the city — it’s truly a spectacular sight!

…and on the 4th side, SRO abuts The Crissman Farm.

Meet Nancy Crissman