The Newest Building at Day Camp!

It’s been over half a century since there has been any new building constructed at our day camp. Well, The new building was completed in time for summer camp 2017  Read more >>

Summer Camps at College Settlement Overnight Camp

On the west side of Witmer Road, the overnight camp comprises about two-thirds of our 234 acres. Woods, fields, and lawns envelop buildings and pavilions, streams feed into Friendship Lake — it’s a little oasis of nature in the Philly suburbs!
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Living quarters consist of lodges with two open dorm rooms, each sleeping eight to twelve students, one bathroom and shower area shared by all members of that lodge, and a staff sleeping area.

Dining Hall
Davies Hall is a modern, winterized dining area and kitchen that can accommodate up to 147 people (main room) and a total of 179 people (when also using the screened porch). Meals are served family-style at round tables. This building is a multi-purpose facility and is often used for evening programs or in the event of inclement weather. It is equipped with a large movie screen, sound system, and DVD projector. The building is available from March through November.

Our three Pavilions are covered structures that are used for lessons and activities. One pavilion has an electrical supply. Two of the pavilions can hold over 150 students.

Floodlit Hardtop
Tennis, four- and nine-square, basketball, gaga, and hockey

Environmental Center
The EC houses equipment for science and nature activities, and an indoor animal collection; and also features an outdoor animal collection and campers’ gardens.

The swimming pool features three skill areas: a 3.5-ft shallow area for non-swimmers; a 3 to 5.5-ft main pool with four 25-yard lanes; and a 10-ft diving tank with two springboards. All campers and all staff must pass strict swimming ability tests in order to use the lane pool and diving tank.

One exciting feature of our program is teaching campers bicycle riding and safety skills.

Friendship Lake
This 4-acre pond is used for fishing, aquatic study, bird and bat watching, boating (rowboats and paddle boats), canoeing, and kayaking

Summer Camps at College Settlement Day Camp

On the east side of Witmer Road is our equally well-equipped and charming day camp facility.
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New Day Camp Building Finally, all of our day campers can gather together in one place when it rains and have fun indoor activities rain or shine including movies, arts and crafts, drama and music. Breakfast and lunch will also be served there daily…
The large common room in the new building will also have the following features:

  • Audiovisual projector and screen
  • Changing area with cubbies
  • Day Camp Field Office
  • Kitchen
  • Nurses’ Suite
  • Stage (portable)
  • Storage

Arts and Crafts Buildingl The old dining hall has been converted to an arts and crafts building for our day campers and provides additional shelter on rainy days.

Dances and group activities, rainy day cover for outdoor activities

Tennis, four- and nine-square, basketball, gaga

Environmental Center
Science and nature activities, indoor animal collection, outdoor animal collection, campers’ gardens


One exciting feature of our program is teaching campers bicycle riding and safety skills.

Friendship Lake This 4-acre pond is used for fishing, aquatic study, bird and bat watching, boating (rowboats and paddle boats), canoeing, and kayaking

Pennypack Farm

Located on the southwest corner of our property, the Pennypack Farm leases land from us to grow organic produce. The farm is a fascinating place for our campers to learn about how food is grown.
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Campers visit the farm twice during their stay at camp, riding over by hay-wagon, enjoying the children’s garden, and learning a variety of lessons. A favorite activity is picking and eating fresh-grown strawberries. The camp’s two shares of produce help feed the Teen Adventure campers when they head up to Spruce Run Outpost. The kids help harvest the food, then prepare it themselves up at the outpost, making pizza, stir fry, sweet potato fries, hobo veggie dinners, bruschetta, and several types of salsa.

An interesting point: since the farm has been on-site, we have seen the return of bluebirds, as well as a great increase in the variety of songbirds at the environmental center birdfeeders.
To read more about the Pennypack Farm, visit their website at pennypackfarm.org 

Spruce Run Outpost

Our several-hundred-acre property in the Pocono Mountains is a wilderness camping area.
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Children enrolled in our 12-day Teen Adventure program go on a four-day and three-night excursion to Spruce Run, our wilderness camping outpost located in the Pocono Mountains north of Bloomsburg, PA. This fascinating trip exposes children to hiking and camping in the woods, more advanced learning about wildlife and plants, expanded team-building skills, outdoor cooking skills, and much more.

The Spruce Run Outpost property abuts thousands of acres of state game lands. Perhaps the time of day when you are most aware of how very far you are from the city is at night. The starry sky is a black expanse lit up with stars you just can’t see anywhere near the city — it’s truly a spectacular sight!

I learned so much about nature, and arts and crafts… and myself!