Daily YouTube Videos! Wk. 5

Welcome! It’s Thursday, July 22, and today’s video is “Survival Lesson with Ferret Smith.”

And don’t forget tomorrow’s (Friday’s) campfire ZOOM at 11:00 AM!


TODAY: Thursday, July 22

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: Survival Lesson with Ferret Smith

An epic look at Teacher Naturalist Whittier’s (AKA Ferret Smith’s) methodology for surviving in the vast wilderness of Horsham, PA.


An Interactive ZOOM session every FRIDAY at 11:00 AM!

Learn, laugh, participate, and enjoy! We hope you can join in our “Online Campfire.”

Download zoom before the meeting time so you are ready by 11:00 on Friday morning.
Zoom is free to download at https://zoom.us/

The ZOOM meeting link and password were emailed to all registered Online Campers.


Wednesday, July 22

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: Holly’s Easy Bleach Tie-Dye Craft

Holly, our former summer environmentalist from England, shows you how to make old clothes more exciting with this easy craft!.

Wednesday, July 22:

WATCH VIDEO NO. 2: George’s Art Lesson: How to Draw a Face

Our counselor George (AKA King George) from England gives an art lesson on how to draw a face.


Tuesday, July 21

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: Easy Seed Germination Projects

Here at College Settlement, Old Man Mike is our resident science teacher. Here he shows you two very easy seed germination projects you can do at home using everyday items from around the house.

Tuesday, July 21:

WATCH VIDEO NO. 2: Peat Pod Tomato Growing

Young Old Man Mike travels forward in time from the past to show you another seed germinating project. If you registered for a Camp Connect box, here are the instructions for growing tomatoes with the supplies sent from College Settlement Camp.


Monday, July 20

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: The Kids from Spain send messages to our campers

Former camp counselor—Iñaki from Spain—invited his daughters and their friends to make videos for our College Settlement campers. Here are the messages they sent all the way from Spain!

Monday, July 20

WATCH VIDEO NO. 2: A Message from Lerato in South Africa

Our favorite South African counselor Lerato sends College Settlement campers a little message all the way from the other side of the planet!



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