Daily YouTube Videos! Wk. 4

Welcome! It’s Thursday, July 16, and today’s video is Throwback Thursday: the 2019 Gala Video.”

And don’t forget tomorrow’s (Friday’s) campfire ZOOM at 11:00 AM!


TODAY: Thursday, July 16

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: Throwback Thursday: the 2019 Gala Video

Campers from past summers tell you about their exciting experiences at College Settlement.


An Interactive ZOOM session every FRIDAY at 11:00 AM!

Learn, laugh, participate, and enjoy! We hope you can join in our “Online Campfire.”

Download zoom before the meeting time so you are ready by 11:00 on Friday morning.
Zoom is free to download at https://zoom.us/

The ZOOM meeting link and password were emailed to all registered Online Campers.


Wednesday, July 15

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: Decorating Your Mask, with Mike

Former counselor and long-time camp board member Mike shows how to decorate a mask! Some campers may remember Mike leading this activity at camp a couple of summers ago.

Wednesday, July 15

WATCH VIDEO NO. 2: How to Address an Envelope, with Becky

Our very own Becky from the camp office shows you how to address an envelope. Becky has been providing letter writing kits and making sure campers get (and send) mail for almost 20 years. Here, she shows how to make sure the mail gets where you would like it to go!


Tuesday, July 14

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: The Mango Song, with Sam Hill and his Dad

Sam—one of our favorite counselors from England—sings “The Mango Song” with his dad. *Disclaimer: this song was voted best campfire song of 2019, and that’s why it’s on the website!

Tuesday, July 14

WATCH VIDEO NO. 2: Birding Part 1 of 3: Intro to Bird Banding, with ornithologist Mike Bishop

Former camp staff member Mike Bishop explains his fascinating job working with migratory birds. Watch this video, then see if you can go listen for—and spot—some cool birds around your neighborhood!


Monday, July 13

WATCH VIDEO NO. 1: Fishing with Old Man Mike, featuring Mike Weiss and Darin Rapp

We found long lost film footage of Old Man Mike as a College Settlement Camper back in 1951 when he was called Young Man Mike. His grandfather (Older Man Mike ) was our fishing instructor from 1903 – 1954… and so here he is teaching his grandson (Young Old Man Mike) how to fish in the camp pond.

Monday, July 13

WATCH VIDEO NO. 2: The Duck Song, with Carys and Rosa

Carys and Rosa sing “The Duck Song” — although we think they might need a few more ducks!







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