Daily YouTube Videos! Wk. 3

Welcome! It’s Thursday, July 9, and today’s video is Summer Chats from 2016” — unedited moments from camp. And remember our ZOOM Campfire tomorrow (Friday) morning at 11:00 AM!


TODAY: Thursday, July 9

WATCH TODAY’S VIDEO : Summer Chats from 2016 — unedited moments from camp.

Unedited, not fancy, just a selection of chats with campers and staff about their summer at College Settlement. Filmed throughout the summer of 2016. Words from the heart. Yes it is long, but worth it— the last chat is the best.


An Interactive ZOOM session every FRIDAY at 11:00 AM!

Learn, laugh, participate, and enjoy! We hope you can join in our “Online Campfire.”

Download zoom before the meeting time so you are ready by 11:00 on Friday morning.
Zoom is free to download at https://zoom.us/

The ZOOM meeting link and password were emailed to all registered Online Campers.



Wednesday, July 8

WATCH VIDEO 1 : Ten Ways to Relieve Boredom, with Sandra

Sandra’s fun video shows you ten easy ways to have fun at home. Sandra is from Valderrobres in Spain, and is friends with one of our former counselors Iñaki!

Wednesday, July 8

WATCH VIDEO 2 : Throwback: Boom Chicka Boom, with some of 2009’s summer staff: Lauren Richards, Catie Koruba, Anna Vassilouk, Veronica Vassilouk, Katharine Kothe, and Alyssa Schwedt

Catie and the gang sing Boom Chika Boom on 3 continents simultaneously!



Tuesday, July 7

WATCH VIDEO 1 : Old Man Mike’s Pennypack Farm lesson, with Mike and Josh

Mike and Josh take you on a Pennypack Farm lesson where you can learn more about growing seeds, organic farming, and even get to meet some new-wave farmers!

Tuesday, July 7

WATCH VIDEO 2 : Yoga with Nansi

Nansi’s dad Pete and brother Joe both worked at College Settlement. Nansi is a yoga instructor, and will show you how to stay loose and limber while at home. Thank you, Nansi! OK everyone: let’s take some time to relax, stretch, and let Nansi lead you through an awesome yoga session!



Monday, July 6

WATCH VIDEO 1 : Angie and Izzy’s Venezuelan Cupcakes by Angelica Gonzalez and Izzy Arevalo

Two of our favorite Venezuelans, Angie and Izzy, show you how to make delicious and simple cupcakes in both English and Spanish!

Monday, July 6

WATCH VIDEO 2 : “Pennypack Farm Tour” trailer by Old Man Mike, with Karyn and Josh, too.

A quick sneak peek at the upcoming Pennypack Farm lesson by Old Man Mike!



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