Daily YouTube Videos! Wk. 2

Welcome! It’s Thursday, July 2, and today’s videos are Throwback Thursday: Our 2016 Winter Holiday Message; and How I Became a Pirate,” read by Becky.

And don’t forget that tomorrow—Friday—is our 11:00 AM ZOOM Campfire!


Thursday, July 2

WATCH VIDEO 1 : 2016 Winter Holiday Message from your Friends at College Settlement

Here is our Winter Holiday Message from 2016! If the heat has you down, watch this movie, originally released as a digital holiday card.

Thursday, July 2

WATCH VIDEO 2 : How I Became a Pirate, read by Becky Gallagher

Becky from the camp office reads a story about one of our favorite camp theme days: Pirates… “How I Became a Pirate.”



Wednesday, July 1

WATCH VIDEO 1 : Making A Friendship Bracelet, instructed by Sam from England

Sam — a favorite counselor from England — shows you how to easily make friendship bracelets using very simple supplies…

Wednesday, July 1

WATCH VIDEO 2 : “I’m A Little Coconut,” sung by Kieran

Our favorite camp staff dude, Kieran from Scotland, sings one of the best loved campfire songs “I’m A Little Coconut,” joined by one of our other favorite Scottish staff members!



Tuesday, June 30

WATCH VIDEO 1 : Dr. Seuss Stories, read by Elaine in Scotland

Our friend—former camp nurse Elaine—reads “The Sneetches” and other Dr. Seuss stories in a delightfully different accent!

Tuesday, June 30


Meet some of staff, friends and board members’ pets!




Monday, June 29

WATCH VIDEO 1 : Sherman the Worm, sung by Lauren, Catie, Anna Banana, Ronnie, Katherine, and Alyssa

Several of our favorite camp staff from around the world—in 3 continents, 4 countries, and 2 states—get together to sing “Sherman the Worm” for you! Here’s Lauren Richards, Catie Koruba, Anna Vassilouk, Veronica Vassilouk, Katharine Kothe, and Alyssa Schwedt!

Monday, June 29

WATCH VIDEO 2 : A Message from DeSailly

One of our favorite counselors from Kenya sends a message all the way from South Africa—here’s DeSailly Otieno!




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