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Welcome! It’s Thursday, June 25, and today’s video is Throw-Back Thursday: Summers 1965-1968.


TODAY: Thursday, June 25

WATCH TODAYS VIDEO : Throw-Back Thursday: Summers 1965-1968

College Settlement and Kuhn Day Camp photos from 1965 through1968.


An Interactive ZOOM session every FRIDAY at 11:00 AM!

Learn, laugh, participate, and enjoy! We hope you can join in our “Online Campfire.”

Download zoom before the meeting time so you are ready by 11:00 on Friday morning.
Zoom is free to download at https://zoom.us/

The ZOOM meeting link and password were emailed to all registered Online Campers.



Wednesday, June 24

WATCH VIDEO 1 : A Message from Scotland by Kieran Kenny

Kieran sends all our campers well wishes from Bonnie Scotland.

Wednesday, June 24

WATCH VIDEO 2 : “The Boa Constrictor Song” from Sophie Mulcahaney

Sophie is one of our favorite counselors. She is from England. Maybe this song explains why she never came back in 2019!



Tuesday, June 23

WATCH VIDEO 1 : A Message from Eric by Eric Middleton

Eric from Philly — a former staff member and all-around awesome guy — shares a few words with us.

Tuesday, June 23

WATCH VIDEO 2 : “The Milkshake Song” from Natalia

Natalia sing a great song in Spanish about milkshakes!




Monday, June 22

WATCH VIDEO 1 : Welcome to Campfire Channel by Karyn, Josh, and Old Man Mike Weiss

A hello and quick overview of what you’ll see this summer on Campfire Channel!

Monday, June 22

WATCH VIDEO 2 : The song “Boom Chicka Boom” by our friends around the world!

I said a-boom-chicka-boom
I said a-boom-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom




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