Counselors-in-Training Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a CIT if I’ve never attended camp at College Settlement?

CIT positions are primarily intended for former campers. Each year, we receive many more applications than spots we have available. For this reason, applicants who did not attend as campers will be considered after all former camper applications are reviewed. Please note that we usually do not have spots available after former campers have been scheduled.

Do CITs get paid?

Yes! College Settlement (unlike many other CIT programs) pays CITs and does not charge any fees to attend. CITs are paid for each week they attend camp; $50/week for your first summer, $75/week for your second, and $100/week for your third summer in the CIT program. If you attended the Virtual CIT program in Summer 2020, that will count towards your number of years attended and you’ll be paid accordingly.

Will I be able to work the whole summer?

Generally, no. Our goal is to enroll as many former campers as possible in the program, so that we can have more former campers eventually join our summer staff. This means that you will be scheduled for two, three, or four weeks at camp, depending on how long you’ve been in the program. Third-year CITs are assigned the most time at camp, although the sessions might not be back-to-back; for example, you might be assigned to the 2nd session and 4th session. Also, CITs who are assigned 3 weeks might attend for half of a 12-day session.

Can I request specific sessions?

When you submit your application, you will be asked to list your availability. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you list any days you are not available to work. If your application says you’re available for the whole summer, and you are unable to attend the sessions you’re assigned, it may not be possible to switch your dates afterwards. I will try my best to accommodate any requests for specific sessions, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee it.

My younger sibling (etc.) will be a camper this summer. Can I work the same session they are attending?

These requests are taken into consideration. However, you will have other responsibilities at camp, and should not plan on supervising your younger sibling or family member. As you know from attending camp yourself, there will be many responsible camp staff members looking after them while they’re here.

Can I stay at camp on my days off?

We usually do not allow CITs to stay at camp on their days off. Exceptions can sometimes be made for third-year CITs who live far away and will have trouble with transportation. In this instance, we will need to discuss this with your parent or guardian before you arrive at camp.

Can I leave camp while I’m there?

CITs are required to stay on camp while they’re here. CITs are not permitted to travel off camp with any staff member and cannot ride in staff members’ personal vehicles. Please note that we will not be permitting any trips off camp this year due to COVID-19. This is a change from previous years, when CITs could attend camp-sanctioned evening trips.

Should I bring money to camp?

Because we will not be taking any off-camp trips this summer, it is not necessary to bring any money to camp. If you’d like, you can bring a small amount for food delivery and we will provide a locker for you. It is highly recommended that you leave any valuables at home, including jewelry, electronics, or other personal items. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO USE A LOCKER, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING YOUR MONEY SAFE. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO USE A LOCKER, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY THAT YOU BRING WITH YOU.

What village will I be in?

CITs will be assigned to either Girls or Boys village based on the gender they identify with. CITs of any gender can request a Tween Creeks assignment.

I’m 18, can I still be a CIT?

CITs cannot be enrolled in the CIT program for more than 3 years. Since we did not run a traditional summer in 2020, exceptions could potentially be made for an 18 year-old CIT who lost a year of in-person camp.

Is there a dress code?

You should dress comfortably, in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, but are still appropriate to be worn around campers. For reference, please follow the same clothing guidelines and packing list as when you were a camper. This also means that your clothing cannot display any offensive language or phrases.

What will my hours be?

You will need to assist your cabin counselors each morning with waking up campers and helping them get ready for the day. You also must attend all meals and activities on time, and make sure that you’re on time when returning from assigned hours off. CITs cannot remain in their assigned villages during snacks and showers at 8:30 PM. Usually, there will be a CIT meeting held at this time. Your day might end earlier sometimes, though please keep in mind that we will not be making any trips off camp this summer.

Can I bring my car to camp?

No, CITs are not permitted to bring personal vehicles to camp.

First-year CITs should be focused on…

  • Becoming familiar with camp schedule
  • Timeliness (especially mealtimes and breaks)
  • Willingness to help where needed
  • Overall positive attitude


Second-year CITs should be focused on…

  • Leading at least one activity during their time here
  • Becoming more comfortable in their role as a supervisor
  • Proactively assisting counselors and support staff


Third-year CITs should be focused on…

  • Leading at least one activity per session they are here
  • Shadowing specific support staff roles that interest them
  • Modeling positive behavior for first and second year CITs
  • Assessing their interest in the Junior Staff program