Counselors and alumni from around the world run, bike, and walk “to camp and back…”

A large group of our international camp staff and alumni have taken off on a huge 10,000+ kilometer fundraiser on behalf of College Settlement!

They intend to collectively travel “to camp and back” in their own home countries while raising money from family, friends and other sponsors. Participants are over in Europe, down in South America, and here in the States.

Collectively, the group will bike/run/walk the distance from Edinburgh in Scotland to College Settlement in Horsham—and back. They have a team of over 50 people, and the number of participants is still growing.

Visit the Facebook group for the fundraiser to read more about the group and the individuals participating, and how to contribute effort-wise or financially.

You can also contribute directly by a simple click here.

Counselors and Alumni around the globe are riding to raise funds for College Settlement!